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Da Vinci Art Alliance is a non-profit member-driven arts organization, committed to furthering the arts through community based-arts, cultural and education exchange. Da Vinci was founded in 1931 and enjoys a distinguished history in Philadelphia. It was formed to serve the needs of artists and artisans and to promote the edification and appreciation of the arts. Our well-located building in South Philadelphia was purchased in 1959 to provide studio, and gallery spaces for its members and outreach for the community. Da Vinci is home to many local artists and is often used as a community space for cultural and educational exchanges through monthly exhibitions, lectures and events. 

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Dear PHILO Project Clients, Friends and Supporters,


Effective May 1, 2019 The PHILO Project will be accepting no new applications.

That’s right. PHILO is shutting down.


The past six years have been great! I’ve enjoyed meeting wonderful, generous people in greater Philadelphia’s small nonprofit community; people who are doing many great things to make our region better - and shooting and editing what I consider to be some pretty good videos.

So why am I doing this? READ ON..