Frequently Asked Questions

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HOW MANY SHOOTING DAYS DO WE GET? One, up to eight hours. Pickup shots can also sometimes be scheduled on a second day.


HOW SOON AFTER SHOOTING WILL WE RECEIVE OUR VIDEO? The editing process normally takes from four to eight weeks.

HOW MUCH TIME WILL THIS TAKE FROM MY BUSY SCHEDULE? Not counting the day of shooting, the average Executive Director spends about three hours on their PHILO video.


CAN WE MAKE CORRECTIONS TO THE FINISHED VIDEO? Yes. Misspelled names, incorrect information, etc. can always be corrected. Clients do NOT however, have control of how the video is edited, so don't expect to be changing the order of the shots, etc. After all, we have to move on to the next recipient! In general, all corrections are completed within 24 hours.


WHO FROM OUR ORGANIZATION APPROVES OUR VIDEO? PHILO deals with one person and one person only for approval, usually your Executive Director. We also ask that all communications concerning the video be between your designated contact and PHILO's Creative Director only. Your board members do NOT have a role in the approval process as it would be impossible to continue our mission if you have to locate - and we have to please - multiple people.


ARE THERE REQUIREMENTS AS TO HOW OUR VIDEO IS DISPLAYED ON OUR SITE? Yes. All clients must agree to feature their PHILO video near the top of thier website's home page as large as possible. The video must include a credit and a link to the PHILO website (which we can provide). The PHILO video cannot not be included on a web page with any other videos.


WHAT ABOUT INCLUDING MINORS IN OUR VIDEO? All persons under 18 years of age and under must have a written release signed by a parent or guardian. If you have obtained a general photo/video release for your minors it will serve this purpose. If not, you must have all parents or guardians sign a release allowing their minor to be photographed before the day of shooting. Minors without a release will not be included in the shoot. In ALL cases in which minors are to be photographed, the client must send PHILO a signed email stating that there are releases for all minors no less than 10 days before shooting. Under no circumstance will PHILO begin photography without this signed email.

ARE FAITH-BASED ORGANIZATIONS ELIGIBLE FOR PHILO? Generally, no. Only soup kitchens and food banks run by faith-based organizations are eligible for PHILO and only if they meet all other standard PHILO requirements and do NOT require religious practices of any kind from recipients.

ARE SCHOOLS ELIGIBLE FOR PHILO? No. Public, private, independent, charter and parochial schools, colleges and universities are not eligible for PHILO.

CAN OUR VIDEO BE SUBTITLED FOR OUR AUDIENCE? Yes. English subtitles may be included by request. Subtitles in languages other than English must be provided by the client and correspond to the video's time codes. 

CAN WE BUY A PHILO VIDEO? No, but you or a third party may provide PHILO with a grant to produce a video specifically for your organization. This is subject to negotiation as to fee and conditions. 

IN WHAT FORMAT WILL WE RECEIVE OUR VIDEO? PHILO videos are delivered digitally as MP4 files.



CAN WE PURCHASE ALL THE VIDEO THAT WAS SHOT? Yes: and we encourage you to do so. See the APPLY page under WHAT WE DO CHARGE FOR.

CAN WE PURCHASE STILLS FROM THE VIDEO? Yes. PHILO charges a flat fee of $200.00 for up to 60 stills.


HOW MANY PHILO VIDEOS MAY WE APPLY FOR? Clients are eligible to apply for one video every two years from the date of acceptance of their previous video.


YOU SAY THE VIDEO IS FREE. ARE THERE ANY COSTS TO US? Yes, the video is free. The only mandatory fee is parking for our vehicle if needed (which must be paid by the client on the the day of shooting. We do not invoice) or complete and immediate payment if our vehicle is ticketed or towed. All other costs - such as purchase of raw video or stills - are voluntary.

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Dear PHILO Project Clients, Friends and Supporters,


Effective May 1, 2019 The PHILO Project will be accepting no new applications.

That’s right. PHILO is shutting down.


The past six years have been great! I’ve enjoyed meeting wonderful, generous people in greater Philadelphia’s small nonprofit community; people who are doing many great things to make our region better - and shooting and editing what I consider to be some pretty good videos.

So why am I doing this? READ ON..