The PHILO Project Process

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The PHILO Project process is completed in 10 steps.

The client applies to PHILO. Acceptance or rejection usually takes from 10 days to two weeks.

Once the client is accepted, the client calls PHILO to arrange for a face-to-face meeting with PHILO’s Creative Director.


Usually within two to four weeks of acceptance the client meets with PHILO’s Creative Director to discuss the video; what it will be used for, where it will appear, and most important, the purposes it will serve. Up to three representatives of the client organization may be present.

Either at the meeting or shortly thereafter, the client and PHILO decide on a mutually agreed-upon shooting date.


This is the day when PHILO comes to shoot video of your organization. Shoots can last from three to eight hours depending on the circumstances. This is the most important step in the process and PHILO asks all that clients give us their complete cooperation on that day. 

The video is edited to tell the client’s story. This can take as little as two and as many as eight weeks from the shooting day. The edited video is sent to the client contact as an MP4 file and will appear in the contact’s mailbox. PHILO retains creative control of the edit and asks that no more than two people from the organization view it.

The client views the video for mistakes such as misspellings and wrong information; for instance, an interviewee may misspeak or give information that is incorrect. PHILO may then re-edit with a different sound bite and/or correct spelling errors etc. Clients are required to get this information to PHILO within 48 hours. We ask that only one person is involved with reporting these corrections. The client’s board has no input in the corrections process. Once corrections are made, a re-edited MP4 version of the video will be sent to the client within 24 hours.


Upon client’s acceptance, the client retains all copyright and is legally responsible for the video’s content. Within 10 business days, the client is required to include the video on their homepage as large and as high up on the page as possible with a credit for PHILO and a link to the PHILO website. We ask that the client display the video on their site for one year.

The client may opt to purchase all of the video PHILO took on their shooting day. We recommend that clients do this as it provides them with video and stills they can use long after the edit is done. It also is important because PHILO only keeps raw video for 30 days after shooting. The cost is $400.00. Again, this purchase is optional and has no bearing on the client’s future with PHILO.

Approximately 8 months after the shoot, PHILO will send a survey to the client asking how the client used the video, where it was seen, what sites were utilized, if it produced monetary rewards, etc. Please note that this is the only way that we can quantify our results for potential funders. Accordingly, one-sentence answers to survey questions will do PHILO no good. We ask that all clients answer their questions in as much detail as possible. Any client who does not return the survey within 10 business days will no longer be eligible for PHILO.

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Dear PHILO Project Clients, Friends and Supporters,


Effective May 1, 2019 The PHILO Project will be accepting no new applications.

That’s right. PHILO is shutting down.


The past six years have been great! I’ve enjoyed meeting wonderful, generous people in greater Philadelphia’s small nonprofit community; people who are doing many great things to make our region better - and shooting and editing what I consider to be some pretty good videos.

So why am I doing this? READ ON..