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NOVEMBER 1, 2017. Ace reporter Sally Friedman does a very complimentary (and exhaustive) article about PHILO honcho Gerald Kolpan for Milestones: the newspaper of the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging.

JULY 6, 2015 An interview for Tune In Radio's Time Out With Phillip Silverstone in which host and "international superstar" Phil interviews PHILO Founder and Creator Gerald Kolpan and they manage to drag UFO's and The Beatles into the conversation. We're the July 6, 2015 show.

JUNE 25, 2015. Interviewed by the very high energy Brittny O'Rourke  for the Lifestyles show on WWDB am.

MARCH 24, 2015. A major feature about PHILO by the lovely and talented Victoria Mier for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

FEBRUARY 4, 2015. A great column by the inimitable Stu Bykofsky about PHILO and its Founder and Creative Director Gerald Kolpan.

NOVEMBER 4, 2014. Listen to Dave Heller of WHYY Radio's Newsworks Tonight interview PHILO Founder and Creative Director Gerald Kolpan.

NOVEMBER 13, 2014. A great article about PHILO written for the Genorocity website by Alex Vuocolo.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2014. Press release announcing The PHILO Project's entrance into Philadelphia's nonprofit scene!

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 2.01.48 PM.png


Dear PHILO Project Clients, Friends and Supporters,


Effective May 1, 2019 The PHILO Project will be accepting no new applications.

That’s right. PHILO is shutting down.


The past six years have been great! I’ve enjoyed meeting wonderful, generous people in greater Philadelphia’s small nonprofit community; people who are doing many great things to make our region better - and shooting and editing what I consider to be some pretty good videos.

So why am I doing this? READ ON..