Well, at this stage of my life, this one-person operation just got to be too much. 

Schlepping all that gear around was taking a toll on my 67 year-old body; and  foundations PHILO applied to just weren’t interested in an idea that primarily needed operating money (and let’s face it: as a fundraiser, I’m a really good video producer).

In short, PHILO was getting to be no fun; and I always vowed that when the day came when I wasn’t happy to get in the car and lift the camera, I’d bow out. 

Please don’t get the idea that I think PHILO is a failure; I’ve had a lot of fun and learned a hell of a lot! Plus, there are 82 nice videos out there that weren’t before, and hopefully they’ve done some good for their organizations. 

To sum up, I’m very grateful for this experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I’d like to acknowledge the following people for everything they did to make PHILO a success: 

In no particular order: 

Joan Weiner, Steven Kolpan, Ned Kolpan and Elizabeth Zuckerman, Kate Kolpan, Steve Weiner, Bruce Schimmel, Bruce M. Brown, Sharon Pinkenson, Joan Bressler, Nicole Shiner, Dominic and Rachael Colaizzo, Thaddeus Squire, Jessica Richards, Jamaine Smith, Howard Wellens, Barbara Reibman, Ann Mintz, Ron Cohen and Lisa Moroz, Shan Holt and Michael Zuckerman, Tom Healy, Abby Luby, Denise Goren, Beryl and Jeff Rosenstock, Pancho and Linda Carner, Tristan English, Barbara Silzle,Michelle Currica, Ellen Snyder, Liz Sytsma, Alexandra Sarkuni, Zach Lifton, Caitlin Seifretz, Chuck Finch, June O’Neill, Kirk Dorn, Doug Barg, Margie Smith and Todd Wall, Valerie Gay, Roger LaMay, David Duys, Kathy Sullivan, Michael Norris, Rachel Zimmerman, Warren Muller, R.J. Thornburg, Annie Roge, Kevin Farley, Jessica Craft, Nina Zucker, Karyn Lyman, Stu Bykofsky, Joel Sanders and all the photogs and editors at Fox 29, Victoria Mier, Abby Porter, Sally Friedman, Stanford Thompson, Larry Ceisler, Kim Hanley, Baba Ahmed Kenya, The Greater Philadelphia Film Office, CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Cultural Fund, The HBE Foundation, The Burket-Plack Foundation, The Montgomery Foundation, The Dolfinger McMahon Foundation, The Lindback Foundation, the members of the advisory board of PHILO, our clients, and everyone who generously donated.


If anyone is interested in actually hiring me to create something, I’m available at gkolpan@gmail.com; and I’ll still be happy to do occasional work for small nonprofits as long as the people and situations are right. 


The last PHILO video - #82 - is about the vocal group collective Sistahs Attune. I hope you like it.

philoproject.org will be up for the foreseeable future for those of you who would like to view the work or get in touch. And there are still some PHILO T-shirts left. Just let me know your size and where to send them.

Thanks again to everyone who helped me to fulfill this dream. 

It's been something.


Gerald Kolpan

Founder and Creative Director

The PHILO Project





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Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 2.01.48 PM.png


Dear PHILO Project Clients, Friends and Supporters,


Effective May 1, 2019 The PHILO Project will be accepting no new applications.

That’s right. PHILO is shutting down.


The past six years have been great! I’ve enjoyed meeting wonderful, generous people in greater Philadelphia’s small nonprofit community; people who are doing many great things to make our region better - and shooting and editing what I consider to be some pretty good videos.

So why am I doing this? READ ON..